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  • 使用木门的好处有哪些
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ood is an old and natural green environmental protection material. Wood has perfect characteristics. It can improve the living environment of human beings, regulate indoor temperature and humidity, and human psychological feeling. It can prolong the life of human beings. It has the functions of health care, sterilization, insect repellency, activation of cells, absorption of ultraviolet rays and alleviation of fatigue. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the health benefits of wood.
The health function of wooden door:
It mainly embodies in vision, touch, hearing, olfaction, regulation and so on.
Visual effects of wooden doors
Wood has beautiful texture, various colours and lustres, and can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays harmful to human eyes. Therefore, it makes people visual comfortable and healthy.
Tactile effect of wooden door
When people come into contact with wood, the temperature of the four seasons is similar. People will open and close doors every day. Wood gives people a good sense of touch.
The auditory function of wooden door
Wood is a natural porous material with good sound absorption and insulation. Therefore, the house decorated with wood materials has low echo, good sound insulation effect and gives people a comfortable quiet feeling.
Olfactory function of wooden door
Many kinds of wood often emit a special pleasant aroma, commonly known as "Fenduojing". After tests, some of these gases can kill bacteria, insect pests, some can stimulate the spirit, some can calm nerves and produce health care effects on human health.
Regulating effect of wooden door
Because wood has certain hygroscopicity and dehumidification performance, if the air humidity is too high, the wood absorbs part of the moisture from the air, and on the contrary, releases the moisture, which has a certain regulating effect on the relative humidity in the room and creates a more comfortable environment for people. It has been determined that the temperature in the houses built in timber is lower in summer and warmer in winter.